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5 Fixes for Exercising With Ulcerative Colitis

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Strong happy group of young people at gym.

The Benefits of Exercise With UC

Women on treadmill.

The UC Issue: You feel that urgent need to go while you’re on the treadmill

man running on treadmill
William Choquette

The fix: Use HIIT to your advantage

yoga class outdoors
Amin Sujan

The UC Issue: You're at a yoga class and you have an accident

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The Fix: Hope for the best, prepare for the worst with UC

Worried woman.

The UC Issue: You want to go to the gym but have chronic diarrhea

Fitness group training on cycling machines

The Fix: Know your best options for working out with UC

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The UC Issue: You're too fatigued to exercise

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Nathan Dumlao

The Fix: Rest when you need to

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The UC Issue: You need to put weight on — not lose it

muscular woman holding weights
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The Fix: Exercise helps you gain weight gain with UC

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Here's What to Remember When Exercising With UC

Erin L. Boyle

Erin L. Boyle


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