Understanding Your Child's ADHD: A Q & A With an ADHD Author


What is the difference between ADD and ADHD?

Is ADHD considered a disability in a school setting?

How can teachers manage a child with ADHD in the classroom?

Do you have to get special permission from the school officials for some of these, such as the seating?

What is Section 504?

What is an IEP?

How is Section 504 different from an IEP?

Are all schools required to provide Section 504 plans?

Do all children with ADHD qualify for section 504?

If a child qualifies, what types of accommodations are available to them under section 504?

What should I do to have accommodations set up for my child in school, sports, etc.?

What would you consider a reasonable accommodation?

How does ADHD affect homework?

How do you talk to your child about taking medication?

What are some tips for helping my 2nd grader manage ADHD at home?

Any tips for helping adults recognize the symptoms of ADHD and how they can take the first step towards treating it?

Some of the latest statistics indicate that medications are over-prescribed, especially for mental conditions. What is your take on this?

Do most people with ADHD stay on medication for most their life?

What are some tips for managing symptoms naturally without medication?

Any diet suggestions for picky eaters with ADHD?

What are the potential consequences in school of untreated ADHD?

Should I be worried about my ADHD child's impact on their siblings?

Amanda Page

Amanda Page


Amanda was an editor and graphic designer for HealthCentral.