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9 Ways to Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin With Eczema

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Irene Strong

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Sharon McCutcheon

Accept Eczema and Its Limitations

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Lidya Nada

Train Yourself to Think Positive

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J. Kelly Brito

Research and Explore Options

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Jonathan Borba

Start Exercising

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Eat a Healthy Diet

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Nick Morrison

Design an Eczema Self-care Routine

Online finding support.

Get Involved

Woman with eczema.

Be Prepared for an Eczema Flare-up

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Build Your Self-confidence

Ashley Wall

Ashley Wall


Ashley Wall is a freelance writer who started her blog Itchin' Since ’87 as a creative outlet. As a longtime eczema sufferer, she considers herself the ‘eczema aficionado’. She’s a huge advocate for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Her life’s mission is to help find a cure for eczema. With her experience, she also hopes to give insightful advice on living with eczema through her writing and work.