What to Know About Creaky Joints

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Why do your joints make noise?

Your joints may make noise because the joint surfaces might not be very smooth anymore. The joint might be looser than it was, too. These changes cause the joint to grind a little, snap a little and pop a little.

How do you stop your joints from creaking?

Try to work with a physical therapist in an effort to eliminate the noise. Certain exercises may help to rebalance or realign your joint. When one muscle group dominates over another, joints can get out of balance. If your muscles are weak, they can pull the joint out of alignment, causing it to snap or pop.

Is joint noise dangerous?

Joint noises are actually pretty natural. However, when pain starts to accompany these noises, there may be a more significant joint problem that requires further investigating. A common cause for pain in a noisy joint is osteoarthritis, which means that the joint has become inflamed.

Does a creaky joint always become painful?

Not always. Some people can live a lifetime with a noisy joint and never experience pain.

How can your prevent further damage?

Joint health is the best way to prevent joint pain. As noted earlier, keeping a joint well-aligned and balanced with proper fitness is important. Minimizing joint inflammation is equally important, too.