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What Everyone With UC Needs to Know About Their Eyes

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Michael Morse

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Will Malott

Ophthalmology eyesight examination

Which Comes First: UC or Eye Problems?

woman blocking sun from eyes
Marlon Schmeiski

UC Eye Symptoms Are Hard to Ignore (and That's a Good Thing)

Veins on the eyeball, human brown eye

Episcleritis: Uncomfortable But Not Worrisome

woman inserting eye-drops

Scleritis: Both Serious and Painful

blurry lights
Bruno Nascimento

Anterior Uveitis: Caused by Trauma or Inflammation

young man rubbing eyes

Dry Eye Syndrome: Sometimes Linked to Vitamin A Deficiency

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Jez Timms

Keratopathy: A Disease of the Cornea

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Never Ignore Your Symptoms

Rachel Zohn

Rachel Zohn


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