Why the Government Adds Nutrients to So Many Common Foods

family eating breakfast image

iodine image

Added nutrient 1: iodine

salt shaker and spilled salt image

Where it's added: table salt

folic acid capsule image

Added nutrient 2: folic acid

whole grain cereal image

Where it's added: grain products

niacin capsule image

Added nutrient 3: niacin

whole grain bread image

Where it’s added: bread

vitamin d image

Added nutrient 4: vitamin D

buying milk image

Where it’s added: milk

foods with vitamin a image

Added nutrient 5: vitamin A

woman buying low fat milk image

Where it’s added: skim/reduced fat milk

foods with iron image

Added nutrient 6: iron

boy eating cereal image

Where it’s added: cereal

Patrick Chatfield

Patrick Chatfield


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