Working Through Hepatitis C Treatment: 5 Things To Know

by Yumhee Park Content Producer

If you’ve recently decided to take the first step at tackling your hepatitis C, congratulations! Deciding on treatment can be an emotional and difficult step to take. Many of the common treatments for hepatitis C come with its fair share of side effects. If you’re currently a working professional and have decided to undergo treatment, here are 5 things to know.

Treatment side effects

Depending on your choice of treatment and the way the treatment interacts with your body, you may get mild to severe side effects. These side effects include flu-like symptoms, fatigue, insomnia, poor appetite, rashes and more. Consider joining a support group before you start treatment.

Busy or slow seasons

If your workplace has predictable busy or slow seasons, consider starting treatment during the slower season after consulting with your doctor. That way you’ll be able to be flexible if you have to deal with side effects.

Short-term medical disability leave

If going to work and undergoing treatment becomes too much to handle, you should speak to human resources to see if you might be able to take a short-term medical disability leave. It’s important to familiarize yourself on your rights.

Disclosing status

At any point during treatment, you have the choice to disclose your hepatitis C status. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of this, specific to your own work place since many people’s work situations differ. Cons might include facing stigma, while pros might include more understanding when going to doctor's visits. Disclosing is completely up to you and something to consider talking about in a support group.

You have a right to work

Disclosing your status might mean that you have to educate co-workers but also providing more clarity when doctor’s visits become more frequent. If you choose to disclose, it’s important to remember you have a right to work when living with and treating hepatitis C.

Yumhee Park
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