Tempeh and Green Okra With Grains Recipe

Diagnosed with stomach cancer and had a gastrectomy? Renowned chef without a stomach, Hans Rueffert, shares a recipe for post-stomach removal surgery or as an every-day healthy meal.
Pamela Kaufman

Hummus Recipe for Post-Gastrectomy

If you were diagnosed with stomach cancer and had a gastrectomy, chef Hans Rueffert has nutritious recipes on hand that can help. This recipe, for hummus, includes an unusual protein source.
Pamela Kaufman

Tomatoes May Treat, Prevent Stomach Cancer

Several studies have suggested that tomatoes have anti-cancer properties. For example, research has shown that lycopene—the carotenoid that gives tomatoes their red color—may help fight cancer. Now, a new study suggests whole tomato extract may help ...

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