"It's something that is part of me."

Nakita Pitts
Chapter 1
The Rash That Didn't Go Away
Chapter 2
Every Name in the Book

This disease took me to the deepest part of my life. I was teased to the point where I didn’t want to leave the house. Kids are so honest and they can be the worst. I was called every name in the book—Dalmation, Spotty, anything you can think of that has spots.

Did I mention that I have a twin sister? Yes, and she has the clearest skin you could imagine. She was able to join the military.

I eventually learned to accept the fact that people were going to say things no matter where I went. But I still dread summer. It may sound crazy, but many people with psoriasis do. You have to find long-sleeved tops and long pants that feel cool. You’re hoping to avoid having people ask you, “Aren’t you hot?”

Chapter 3
Take It Down

I’ve learned to adapt, but being an adult has brought new challenges that can be even harder.

Chapter 4
Something Beautiful

One big thing I’ve been motivated to do is work in creating a natural skin care product for people with skin imperfections. It’s called “Secure Skin Essentials.” I had tried so many different medicines and ointments that didn’t work for me and I remember thinking, “How can someone not living with psoriasis know what someone living with the disease really needs?”

I started to research different ingredients and tried them on myself. I began to see a difference.

Have I created the ultimate cure? No. But I have created something others suffering like me can use to feel a little more secure about themselves. I wanted to produce something that can provide even a little relief for young girls and boys just being diagnosed, or maybe not even diagnosed yet. I want to be that person who helps others like me. I want them to get through this very ugly, self-esteem killing disease.

I know that psoriasis is a part of me and will be the rest of my life. We all have something that makes us insecure, but what we sometimes fail to realize is that imperfection is also what makes us stronger.

The greatest lesson I’ve learned? Take your biggest flaw and turn it into something beautiful.