"Don't hide it."

Lori-Ann Holbrook
Chapter 1
It Wasn't Hives
Chapter 2
Awful Psoriasis Photos

When I received the psoriasis diagnosis, I went online to look at photos to see what I could expect. I was horrified. Psoriasis looked awful.

I also knew arthritis had changed my mother's life permanently. I never knew her to have a pain-free day. So psoriatic arthritis sounded like a whole lot of punishment.

I was nervous about what I could expect, what kind of freaking out my body was going to do, and how much control I might have over it.

After a while, though, I started to feel more empowered. I spoke to a mentor who also has psoriasis. She told me that I really have more control over this than I thought I did, and that diet, exercise, and stress management play a huge role in how our bodies respond.

So, I decided to try to take things more into my own hands, and, in addition to the drug therapies the dermatologists put me on, I decided to clean up my diet, eliminate inflammatory foods, practice yoga, and be more active.

Chapter 3
You Can Create Awareness