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Becoming Your Own Thyroid Advocate

Whether newly diagnosed or a long-time thyroid patient, you should advocate for your thyroid health.

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Guy Anthony’s Story: Life After HIV Diagnosis and Sexual Abuse

One man tells the story of how he turned a difficult past of sexual abuse and an HIV diagnosis into a life of advocacy.

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Speaking Out About Chronic Hives

Three women share their stories about the physcial, mental and social challenges they face while living with chronic hives.

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Exciting Ways to Advocate for Yourself and RA

Help spread rheumatoid arthritis awareness with these exciting ways to advocate for yourself and others.

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Migraine Patients and Doctors Team Up at Headache on the Hill

I wake up every day thinking of migraine disease and the people it affects. I spend my days writing, researching, educating, and coaching. It’s solitary work — most of which goes unnoticed — but I don’t do for attention. I do it for the millions of c...

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How to Be Your Own Best Advocate

A diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS) can feel like being shoved into the deep end of the swimming pool while you were fast asleep and being told, “Wake up! It’s time to learn how to swim.” While you find yourself in shock and trying not to drown, l...

What is a Health Advocate?

What is a Health Advocate?

After working at WEGO health and being exposed to so many different health conditions, my opinion of what a health activist or advocate is has changed.

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You Could Be a Migraine Patient Advocate and Not Realize It

How does one becomes a migraine patient advocate? The first time someone asked me that question, I fumbled around for an answer — mostly because I really hadn’t thought about it. There are some classes and training programs for advocates, but I’ve no...

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What is Migraine Advocacy?

There are many ways to become a migraine advocate and, in some cases, it’s much easier than you might think. Consider the options.

How Advocacy Changes You

How Advocacy Changes You

From helping you see you’re not alone, to being a voice for others, becoming an advocate with a chronic condition can make a big difference.