How to Maintain Muscle as You Age

Muscle mass begins to decline in your 50s, but there are ways to combat it!

By Ask HealthCentral

Exercise is Just as Important as Thyroid Medication

New study shows that ample physical activity significantly reduces the risk of heart problems related to thyroid.

By Mary Shomon

Get Pumpkin Fit (Infographic)

Who needs a kettlebell when there are pumpkins around?

By Jaime Galinsky

10 Rules to Follow for Group Fitness

Don’t be afraid to join a group fitness class—just follow these tips so you can be an instant-pro.

By Jaime Galinsky

The Unspoken Rules at the Gym

Whether you’re running on a treadmill or attending a yoga class, there are a few etiquette things you should know.

By Stephanie Stephens

My First Spin Class With RA

HealthCentral’s male RA writer tries a spin class – and likes it!

By Emil DeAndreis

The Motivation You Need To Hear To Get Fit

Sometimes you just need a little push — or inspiration — to kick-start your fitness journey, or to keep it going.

By Stephanie Stephens

Top YouTube Workout Videos for People With a Chronic Illness

Living with a chronic condition can make it challenging to exercise. Try these videos for gentle workouts that will help you stay in shape.

By Sabrina Skiles

The Latest on Warming Up and Cooling Down

Should you warm up before exercise? Cool down afterwards? What’s the best warm up? Do ice baths help?

By Amy Hendel, P.A.

[Infographic] How to Ace Your Race

There’s no question that more and more people are taking on the challenge of running long-distance races. In 2011, more than 1.6 million people finished distance races in America, about a 75 percent increase from 2000. Here’s how you can join the cro...

By Christina Solin