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Sick teenage girl in school library.

Heading to School with Celiac

Enlisting the help of the school nurse can make for a more organized and stress free time when navigating lunch options.

Teen girl sleeping peacefully.

Tech Devices That Will Help Your Teen Fall Asleep

These high-tech gadgets can help for a better night’s sleep and even get your teen up on time in the mornings.

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The Unwritten Rules of College with IBD

Navigating a new campus with new friends can be both daunting and exciting. Add IBD in the mix and there are some extra rules to keep in mind.

Teenaged friends sharing a laugh after school.

The Health Benefits of Teen Friendships

Teens with close friends tend to have less social anxiety than popular peers during early adulthood.

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Does Your Child Go To a Healthy School?

How high does your child’s school rate on this checklist?

College student taking notes in class.

The Three Personal Skills That Can Improve College Success

College is a life-changing experience, and sharpening these skills can help any teen find personal success on campus.

College student studying in her dorm room.

Causes of Our College Mental Health Crisis

Today’s college students are faced with a range of ever-intensifying pressures.

Shrimp avocado salad.

Simple Recipes for Busy School Nights

Back to school routines make it hard to find time to prepare a balanced meal. We’ve got you covered.

Children outside during school gym class.

Protecting Children's Skin During the School Day

Sun protection matters, and schools can be a big part of the solution in protecting children’s skin while outdoors.

child pensively looking out window.

When Your Child Refuses to Go to School

What to do when anxiety prevents your child from going to school.