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ADHD: Teaching Methods Make a Difference

There’s little doubt that the way a teacher teaches can help or hurt students — especially students with ADHD. With some simple modifications to how lessons are presented, teachers have the ability to empower students with ADHD and increase those stu...

Grade school student using inhaler on soccer field.

Asthma Rescue Inhalers: Your 4-Step School Plan

If your child has asthma, provide the school and your child with what they need to know about the all-important rescue inhaler.

Teacher addressing students in high school classroom.

What Is Your Child Learning in Sex Education?

Did you know not all schools are required to teach sex education? Here’s how to find out more about what your child is (or isn’t) learning.

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Back-to-School Supplies for Children with ADHD

Besides the typical back-to-school supplies, a few added items could help your child stay on task, organized, and prepared for school.

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7 Ways to Help a Child With Psoriasis Head Back to School

Here’s what you can do to ease back-to-school concerns for a child with psoriasis.

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Back-To-School Lunch and Snack Tips

It’s that time of year when you’re challenged to find ways to get your child or teen to actually eat their lunch and snacks. If your goal is healthy and tasty, then I’ve got a slew of ideas and tips to help make this the year my child actually likes ...

ADHD at school

Frequently Asked Questions About Section 504 for ADHD at School

School: What you need to know about Section 504 when your child has ADHD