Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Woman journalling, to help with anxiety.

3 Ways to Express Your Emotions in a Positive Way to Reduce Anxiety

There are better ways to channeling anxiety other than blurting feelings or deeply repressing them.

Young woman struggling with insomnia.

What is Intensive Sleep Retraining and How It May Cure Your Insomnia

Waking up all night after just three minutes of sleep? This may sound like a nightmare but is actually a technique used to reverse insomnia.

12-step program concept

How to Get the Most Out Of Your 12-Step Program

Learning to lean on others for support, celebrating small successes, and taking your time are some ways to achieve victory in a 12-step program.

Patient talking to IBD psychologist

Conquering Crohn's and Colitis with the Help of IBD Therapists

CBT-IBD specialty networks are small right now, but they’re growing. These therapists specialize in helping the unique challenges of living with bowel disease.

Adult ADHD concept

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adult ADHD?

CBT helps identify and challenge negative thought patterns and beliefs, and helps negate them.

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The Future of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Migraine

Our ability to cope with the challenges of living with Migraine is directly influenced by our thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. Here’s how CBT can help.

Group practicing tai chi

Alternative Sleep Help for Breast Cancer Survivors

For breast cancer survivors struggling with sleep, this CBT alternative may be worth a second look.

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The Best Way to Treat Acute Insomnia

A single group-based session of behavioral therapy may be effective for some insomnia patients.

Woman using a smartphone in bed

How Your Mind Can Act as a Barrier to Sleep

Feelings of stress and worry can harm sleep by causing a state of hyperarousal. But does your age make you more vulnerable?