Drug Costs


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Should You Take Brand Name or Generic Thyroid Drugs?

Are generic drugs safe and effective for your thyroid condition, or should you choose a brand name?

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Will Medicare Pay for That?

Medicare pays many kinds of medical bills, but it doesn’t cover everything. This quiz could help you avoid some costly surprises.

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A Simple Way to Cut Your Drug Costs

If high prescription drug costs are giving you a headache, here’s a suggestion: Take it up with your doctor. Here’s why that can help.

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A Healthy Gut Need Not Be Expensive

Learn ways to keep costs low when caring for your gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

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How to Reduce Costs for Cancer Drugs

Cancer drugs save lives, but at what cost? You can ease the financial burden – here’s how.

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All About Biosimilars for RA

Here's what you should know about biologics and biosimilars for rheumatoid arthritis, and the costs and side effects that come with them.

The Cost of Diabetes

Uncontrolled diabetes can be one of the most expensive diseases anybody can get. See how it all adds up and how you can prevent this from happening.

Cutting the Cost of Asthma

Cutting the Cost of Asthma

Here are four tips for helping you lower the financial cost of treating your asthma.

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Decrease Your Cost For Prescription Medications

Community member talks about how she avoids high prescription costs.