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Thyroid Cancer Risk Factors to Know

Thyroid cancer isn’t always something you can prevent, but you can reduce your chances by understanding these risk factors.

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The Many Ways Bipolar Disorder Affects Families

Mental illness takes a toll on the sick and those who care for them. Here are some ways to cope.

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Anxiety More Prevalent in Children With Food Allergies

New research shows children with food allergies experienced anxiety and loneliness as a result of their allergies.

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Genetic Testing: One Woman’s Experience

Follow along as Phyllis Johnson experiences genetic counseling and testing for breast cancer.

Photo of Patty, woman who has had breast, skin, and ovarian cancer.

One Woman’s Story of Ovarian Cancer Following Breast, Skin Cancers

After breast cancer treatment and removal of a melanoma, Patty never imagined she would be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Turns out she has the BRCA1 gene. Here’s her story.

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Your Genes May Influence Insomnia Risk

A new study identified the risk genes for insomnia and genetic similarities between insomnia and other health traits.

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Genetic Counseling for Cancer: What Can It Reveal?

Genetic counseling is the first step in zeroing in on your true risk for inherited cancer. Learn more about what this counseling offers.

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What Makes Ovarian Cancer So Scary?

Its stealth: Ovarian cancer symptoms often escape notice until it’s too late. Here’s what to look for.

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Breast and Ovarian Cancers: What's the Link?

If you’re a breast cancer survivor, is your risk of ovarian cancer increased? Maybe. Find out more.

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Are DNA Ancestry Test Kits Accurate?

It’s hard to turn on a TV today without seeing an ad hawking direct-to-consumer DNA ancestry tests — and I was as curious as anyone. But how accurate are they?