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Hands holding two teal cancer awareness ribbons.

Breast and Ovarian Cancers: What's the Link?

If you’re a breast cancer survivor, is your risk of ovarian cancer increased? Maybe. Find out more.

DNA double helix image.

Are DNA Ancestry Test Kits Accurate?

It’s hard to turn on a TV today without seeing an ad hawking direct-to-consumer DNA ancestry tests — and I was as curious as anyone. But how accurate are they?

Boy with abdominal pain.

When 'Abdominal Migraine' Looks Like Acid Reflux

Abdominal migraine presents symptoms similar to acid reflux. Learn how to spot the differences between them and choose the right treatment.

Surgical team in operating room

The Truth About Surgery to Prevent Breast Cancer

If you were diagnosed with cancer in one breast, would you have the other, healthy breast removed as well? More woman are doing so. Here’s what to know.

Upset teen girl covering face with hand

Weekend Lie-ins May Be Bad for Teen Mental Health

Is your teen sleeping in a lot on the weekend? Learn how inconsistent sleep patterns may indicate that something is wrong.

Speaker at Conference and Presentation

Can you be part of co-creating a healthy future?

People with rare diseases often feel alone and powerless. Learn how combining with others can change that isolation to a sense of community and empowerment.

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Do You Know Your Family Medical History?

Learn more about your family medical history by checking public records, taking a DNA test, and talking to your relatives.

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Arthritis: What Role Does Heredity Play?

Find out which types of arthritis are most likely to be passed down through your family, and how lifestyle changes may help you prevent them.

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Why We Need Male Breast Cancer Research

About 1 percent of all breast cancers occur in men, yet surprisingly little research has been done on male breast cancer. Here's why that should change.

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How to Make Thanksgiving Easier with Cancer

Here are some strategies for lightening your load and enjoying Thanksgiving when you’re just not in the mood to celebrate.