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9 Ways to Protect Your Feet With PsA

Foot pain often comes with psoriatic arthritis and can lead to other complications. Treat your feet right with these nine tips for protecting your foot health.

By Tracy Davenport, Ph.D.
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Struggling With Foot Pain from PsA?

From comfy sneakers and foot massages, to warm-water foot baths and acupuncture, here’s how to keep your feet pain-free with psoriatic arthritis.

By Casey Nilsson
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Plantar Fasciitis: What You Need to Know

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot injuries among runners and other athletes. It’s also one of the most frustrating. Here we answer your most common questions.

By Jacqueline Ho
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Diet, Exercise Choices You Can Make to Avoid Night Leg, Foot Cramps

One of the things that I seemed to have inherited from my mom was a tendency to have bad foot and leg cramps in the middle of the night. For several years, I found myself regularly waking up with my foot and leg muscles clenched, making it impossible ...

By Dorian Martin