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30 Days of CBD Oil for Pain

Our resident “tries it” guy, Emil DeAndreis, took CBD oil for 30-days to see if it would help his RA pain. Sure, he was hesitant, but after 38-days of using CBD oil he was able to wean back on his RA meds.

By Emil DeAndreis

Dive in, Joints First

Your joints will rejoice when you submerge into a heated pool. Add in some aqua aerobics and you have yourself a low-impact, joint-soothing exercise for RA.

By Emil DeAndreis

HealthCentral Tries It: Kickboxing With RA

One of our very own RA patient contributors tries kickboxing and finds out that you can 100 percent do kickboxing with RA.

By Emil DeAndreis

The Benefits of Zumba for RA

One of our HealthCentral contributors takes a zumba class and talks about the pros and cons for his RA.

By Emil DeAndreis

Emil Tries It: Yoga for RA

Our male RA HealthCentral writer takes a yoga class — and likes it! How it helped his RA.

By Emil DeAndreis

My First Spin Class With RA

HealthCentral’s male RA writer tries a spin class – and likes it!

By Emil DeAndreis