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person sitting outside writing in journal

Letter to My Younger Self With Psoriasis

Patient expert Sabrina Skiles pens a poignant letter to her younger self packed full of insights learned from living with psoriasis.

By Sabrina Skiles
Woman writing a letter to herself in a journal.

Dear Psoriasis: An Open Letter

What can you learn from 20 years of coexisting with a chronic condition? Sabrina Skiles shares her story.

By Sabrina Skiles
Trevis Gleason

"You Were Probably SPMS from the Beginning"

Writer Trevis Gleason goes back in time to the day he was diagnosed with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.

By Trevis Gleason
Woman writing a letter in a journal.

Letter to Myself: On Becoming a Compassionate Caregiver

Veteran caregiver Carol Bradley Bursack shares her history of caregiving and offers her younger self the compassion and advice she so often tells others.

By The Candid Caregiver
Woman writing with a pen in a journal.

After a Decade of Disease: This is What I Would Tell My Younger Self

K.J. Ramsey was diagnosed with AS in her 20s — she was afraid and in pain, with no idea what the next decade would bring. If only she could go back and talk to that 20 year old...

By K.J. Ramsey, MA, LPCC, NCC
MJ embracing life in Brusselton, UK.

Meet MJ, The Former Mommy Blogger Who Now Writes About Ankylosing Spondylitis

In her new blog: “Kicking Hoops and Shooting Goals,” MJ Rowan captures the daily irony and flow of living with AS and fibromyalgia — both of which she has. MJ crafts an irresistible story you almost certainly cannot stop reading mid-paragraph.

By Charis Hill
Mandy Morgan Girls With Guts.

My IBD Journey: A Letter to My Younger Self

Mandy looks back at her challenging journey with ulcerative colitis (UC) and shares all the lessons she learned along the way.

By Mandy Patterson
Jackie with her husband

Married to Someone With IBD?

Being a spouse and caregiver to someone with ulcerative colitis can be challenging, but this woman with UC has a message: You’re the real MVP.

By Jackie Zimmerman
Woman writing letter.

20 Years After My Gestational Diabetes

Two decades after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, here’s what I would tell my younger self about how I should have takeen better care of my health.

By Corinna Cornejo
Legs on the toilet

How Digestive Tracts are Like Fight Club

What with all the stigma surrounding ulcerative colitis and other digestive health conditions, this woman with UC has one simple plea for modern society.

By Jackie Zimmerman