Building Resilience a Step at a Time

Practice these three guidelines to practice emotional resilience and grow stronger over time.

By Jerry Kennard

Mindfulness for Sleep After a Stressful Day

Your imagination can be a powerful tool when it comes to promoting relaxation and sleep.

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10 Must-Read Anxiety Posts You Missed This Year

The top HealthCentral posts of 2017 in anxiety, including news, lifestyle tips, phobias, and meditation techniques.

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Mindfulness Tips for Teachers (and Everyone Else)

Practicing mindfulness techniques before the holidays can elevate our stress-management skills.

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The Benefits of Meditation for Thyroid Patients

Meditation is an effective technique for establishing a mind-body connection and managing stress.

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4 Myths That May Be Blocking Your Ability to Meditate

Here are four myths that may be blocking your ability to meditate, plus simple ways to fit it into your day.

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Mindfulness Techniques Can Help Your Thyroid Symptoms

Using mindful techniques you can address a huge thyroid symptom—weight gain.

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Coping with Chronic Illness by Meditating

Find out how meditation can help you reduce stress, pain, and depression to live better with chronic illness.

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10 Ways to Deal with Holiday Unhappiness

No one wants to rain on the holiday parade. But it can be hard to join the fun when cancer’s made you sick, scared, financially challenged — or all three. Here are some suggestions for taking the sting out of illness-induced misery — and perhaps even ...

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My "40 Days to Personal Revolution"

My mom had major surgery to save her life this year. I was fortunate to be able to be by her and my dad’s side. That’s a true gift - I was able to experience moments of love and grace with my mother and father that I will cherish and keep with me for...

By Cindy Haines, M.D.