Women and Migraines: Hormones Are Key

More women than men are affected by migraine because of sex hormones, particularly estrogen, suggests a Spanish study analyzing decades of medical literature.

By Diane Domina

Pediatric Migraine: A Lot More to Learn

Migraine manifests differently in children, and requires careful evaluation before treatment is started.

By Tammy Rome

Depression and Anxiety Not Linked With Medication Overuse in Migraine

A recent study found that Migraine patients with anxiety or depressive disorders were not more likely to overuse acute medications.

By Tammy Rome

Anxiety May Affect Migraine Management

Anxiety disorders are common in people with Migraine. Here’s what you can to prevent these two conditions from exacerbating each other.

By Tammy Rome

The Migraine Social Life

Having a vibrant social life can be challenging when you have Migraine. Here’s how to maintain long-standing relationships, and make new ones.

By Tammy Rome