Strong Glutes Important for Stability

A new study suggests that part of the reason older people fall to is due to a physiological change in the gluteal muscles. Learn how to strengthen these muscles.
Dorian Martin

Foam Rollers: Are They Really Worth It?

Credit: Thinkstock You’ve never seen an expression of such horror as that of one of my co-workers as she exclaimed, “What?! You don’t roll?” Nope—up until a few months ago, I didn’t “roll,” as she called it. Despite the chatter I’d occasionally hear ...
Jacqueline Ho

Foods That Help Ease Muscle Pain

A couple of months ago, I had coffee with a friend who had just started an exercise program. She would grimace anytime she got up, obviously her muscles and joints rebelling against her new regimen. To ease the pain, many people would use the heating ...
Dorian Martin