Second Opinion


Judgemental Comments Hurt: Not All RA Is The Same

Just because you can walk, run, or have children, doesn’t mean your RA is obsolete. Everyone with RA is welcome in this community, no matter the severity.

By Lene Andersen

Why are Endocrinologists So Opposed to Natural Thyroid Drugs?

One of our thyroid patient experts weighs in with her opinion on this controversial thyroid treatment.

By Mary Shomon

What's Your Real Risk For Cancer if You Drink Alcohol?

PJ Hamel breaks down the numbers to show you the context behind the risk of cancer from drinking alcohol.

By PJ Hamel

A Public at Risk: DOT Rejects Sleep-Apnea Testing

This decision to remove sleep-apnea screening comes as a surprise, given recent high-profile incidents involving drowsy truck drivers.

By Eli Hendel, M.D.

I Have Universal Healthcare—Here’s What I Think About Obamacare

As someone who lives in Canada, here’s what I think about the healthcare in the U.S.

By Lene Andersen

Can Discounts Drive Fruit And Vegetable Purchases?

If more people could afford fruits and vegetables, would they be inclined to buy them?

By Amy Hendel, P.A.

Kudos to Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Revealing Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Julia Louis-Dreyfus announced in October 2017 that she had breast cancer. Her announcement could save lives.

By PJ Hamel

Is There a Final Word on Saturated Fat and Heart Health?

First they were bad for you, then they were okay, and now they’re a strong risk factor of heart disease—which is it?

By Amy Hendel, P.A.

Is John McCain a ‘Cancer Warrior’?

Can the metaphor of cancer as a battle be a damaging image? How should we talk about cancer?

By Phyllis Johnson

Weight Regulation on Planes: What We Need

Is it time for the airline industry-wide guidelines to handle passengers who have obesity?

By Amy Hendel, P.A.