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Woman upset about answering questions.

Questions People With Eczema Are Tired of Hearing

Whether it’s through innocent curiosity or rude observation, some questions about eczema can still hurt, or be downright annoying.

Happy older woman examining skin in mirror.

13 Skin-Care Resolutions for Those Over 60

Practical ways to keep your skin healthy as you age.

Thoughtful woman walking on beach.

7 Skin Cancer Resolutions to Know

Skin care resolutions can be helpful in reducing your risk of skin cancer. Tips include having an annual dermatology exam and eating healthy.

Dermatologist checking skin on man's shoulder for skin cancer.

Key Research in Skin Cancer in 2017

There was a great deal of research on skin cancer in 2017, including how skin cancer forms and how certain foods might protect you from skin cancer.

Chocolate bar.

Can Chocolate Help Protect You From Skin Cancer?

Chocolate contains flavanols, and these might help reduce our sensitivity to light, thus reducing our skin cancer risk.

Woman putting lotion on upper arm.

Thyroid Disease and Your Skin

Skin conditions that are due to your thyroid disease—and ways to treat them.

Woman opening gift.

What NOT to Get Someone With Inflammatory Skin

Even items that seem safe for sensitive skin can contain irritants such as dyes, fragrance or itchy fabric fibers.

Smiling young woman putting on makeup.

Makeup No-Nos for Eczema

How to create the perfect base on skin so that makeup looks smooth and fresh, instead of dry and flaky.

Woman smiling and touching her face while looking in the mirror.

Understanding the Mind/Skin Connection

For people with chronic skin conditions, stress can be a contributing factor to flares.

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The Natural Aging Process of Skin

Learn about the natural aging process of skin and the different conditions that can develop as you get older.