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Father helping son with homework.

Things Parents of Children with ADHD Wished You Knew

From deciding on medication, managing behaviors, and living up to expectations, these parents have considered it all. And want you to know.

Depressed man without family support

Depression: When Family Lets You Down

How a family is organized can help explain why depression affects some people disproportionately.

Man eating a piece of cake.

Emotional Eating During the Holidays

During periods of stress, you might eat foods associated with happier times in your life.

Young woman and parents, mental health issues in family.

Family Denies Manic-Depressive Disease Is Real

A woman speaks out about her family member’s battle to advocate for bipolar disorder, and the family that won’t believe him.

Male doctor talking to young man patient.

I Wish I'd Gotten My Ostomy Sooner Than I Did

“This was two years of pain, fatigue, constant diarrhea, and accidents all the time. Is that how I was supposed to be living in my mid 20s? I don’t think so.”

Pregnant young woman.

Fear, Worry, and Pregnancy With an Inflammatory Condition

Early fears clouded excitement over the arrival of my little bundle of joy. It’s not that I wasn’t happy about having a baby, I was just scared to my wits’ end.

Angry man with steam coming out of his ears.

Anger is Like an Addiction

Getting mad can make you feel powerful (briefly). But it’s destructive.

Cat and dog sniffing each other.

A Pet's Love is "Furever": Handling Grief When a Pet is Sick or Dies

As a pet owner you really can experience a surprising level of pain in the absence of your pet’s presence after building a lifelong routine.

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13 Important Facts About Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer is on the rise in the U.S. Here are 13 things you should know about this often misunderstood condition.

Young girl sitting in the grass writing in her journal.

6 Ways to Help Your Child Deal With the Frustration of Migraine

For children, the frustration that comes with having Migraine disease can be almost as challenging as the episodes themselves. Here’s what you can do to help.