'Cancer Saved My Life': Survivorship After NHL

Josh Feldman recommends cancer patients take charge of their health and seek second opinions where necessary. His non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma was diagnosed after visiting three doctors.

By Elizabeth Millard

Sleep Issues With Metastatic Breast Cancer: How to Cope

Learn the common sleep problems caused by this late-stage cancer, like insomnia, why they occur, and how to treat them.

By PJ Hamel

Getting Pregnant After Cancer Treatment

For men and women who have undergone cancer treatment, there are still options to start a family.

By Robin Elise Weiss, Ph.D.

Metastatic Breast Cancer: How to Deal With Stress

Your body needs treatment, but so do your heart and mind. Here are some ways to regain (and maintain) emotional equilibrium.

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A Non-Smoker’s Lung Cancer Journey

When Millie was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer when she was only 43, despite having no risk factors, her world flipped upside-down.

By Sheila M. Eldred

Why Friends May Disappear After Your Cancer Diagnosis

“Of all the things that happened to me during my cancer experience, the most surprising involved one of my good friends. She disappeared.”

By PJ Hamel

How One Woman’s Fitness Passion Helps Her Through Metastatic Breast Cancer

Even after her MBC diagnosis, Lesley was determined to stay active. And experts believe exercise with MBC has numerous benefits, too.

By Stephanie Stephens

Working Out With Cancer, And Even During Chemo Treatment

A cancer diagnosis does not have to mean that you give up working out. Take it from this woman who worked out through chemo treatment.

By Stephanie Stephens

A Valentine to Cancer

Valentine’s Day marks the anniversary of PJ’s last radiation treatment for breast cancer. She looks back on how cancer changed her — for the better.

By PJ Hamel

How a Breast Cancer Survivor Changed a Fertility Preservation Law

When Melissa Thompson’s fertility preservation wasn’t covered by her insurance because of her breast cancer diagnosis, she took action.

By Katherine Malmo