Healthy Lifestyles for Veterans


Service Dogs to the Rescue: Vets, Canines, and PTSD

Veteran James Rutland credits his four-legged friend for helping him return to health. Read about the science behind service dogs helping to treat PTSD.

By Stephanie Stephens

A Look Into Cannabidiol (CBD) for Veterans for Pain Management

Jamie Robinson is educating people on the health benefits of non-psychoactive CBD oil and how it can help veterans with PTSD and pain management.

By Celeste Cooper, RN

Veterans Participate in Extreme Sports to Help Fight PTSD, Depression

The story of how a thesis project became a life-changing initiative that helps veterans battle depression, isolation and suicide.

By Cindy Uken

The Best Treatment Options for Veterans Who Can't Sleep

A 2017 review reveals the best treatment options for sleep disturbances in veterans.

By Martin Reed

We Can Help Homeless Veterans - Together

Recovery from mental illness is possible for all veterans. To help support this, it’s important to address the issue of housing for veterans.

By Mike Veny

The Significance of Insomnia and Depressive Disorders in Veterans

Paying attention to signs of isolation and sadness in veterans can help in preventing suicide and depressive disorders.

By Martin Reed

Veterans and PTSD: Fighting Back

Each of these brave veterans have decided to share their hardest moments in order to help others facing the challenges of PTSD.

By Jennifer Mitchell Rackley

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment for the Military - In Honor of Veteran's Day

The MS Centers of Excellence utilizes a network of regional programs, telemedicine, and informatics to improve care for veterans with MS.

By Lisa Emrich

Veteran Caregiver for Multiple Elders Tells It Like It Is

My elderly neighbor, Joe, had suddenly lost his wife to a stroke. His only child lived hundreds of miles away. How could I not help?

By Carol Bradley Bursack

Meditation May Help Lower Your A1C

Managing stress should be just as important as other components when controlling your diabetes.

By David Mendosa