Multiple Sclerosis

Can You Die From MS?

Yes, this is a serious disease, but no, it will not kill you. Here's what to know to stay healthy.

Neurologist Lauren B. Krupp, M.D., director of NYU Langone’s Multiple Sclerosis Comprehensive Care Center in New York City, dispels the myth that MS can kill you.

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young and resilient

Who Is A Typical MS Patient?

There are typically two types of people with multiple sclerosis, varying in age and symptoms.

blurry vision

What Are The Earliest Indicators Of MS?

Loss of motor function, memory issues, and fatigue are signs of this disease.


What Causes MS?

A perfect storm of genetic variables and environmental factors come together in creating this disease.

MS trigger

Why Does MS Seem To Strike Out Of The Blue?

Although the underpinnings of the disease happen early in life, it takes a perfect storm of events to trigger an MS attack.

kinds of MS

What Are The Different Types of MS?

The disease is divided into four categories, but most people fall into the first one.


How Is MS Diagnosed?

A neurologic exam and MRI are common tools used to determine if you have this disease.

MS therapies

Is MS Curable?

This chronic condition is still waiting on a cure--but it is highly treatable, says neurologist Dr. Lauren Krupp.

MS with wheelchair

Does Everyone With MS Eventually Need A Wheelchair?

It's a common belief that everyone with this disease winds up in a wheelchair, but it's simply not true, according to our expert.