Tales From the Chemo ChairEpisode 3

Winning the Mental Game

Getting through chemo means knowing when—and who—you can ask for support, and realizing that accepting help doesn't make you weaker, it just makes you smart.

In this episode, Sabrina Skiles returns for her second round of chemotherapy, while confessing she couldn't make it through this journey without the love and support of her family, especially her sister Marina. She admits that saying the word "chemo" still feels weird and relying on friends and family to help her get through treatment side effects isn't something she's used to. "Asking for help is very hard for me to do," says Skiles. "This has turned out to be as much of a mental game for me as a physical one."

Tales From the Chemo ChairEpisode 1

The Journey Begins: First Day of Chemo

Ever wonder what it's really like going through breast cancer treatment? Follow Sabrina Skiles through the tolerable, less tolerable, and downright ugly as she fights her way back to health.

Tales From the Chemo ChairEpisode 2

No Time for Fatigue: Handling Chemo's Side Effects

Nausea and headaches were no walk in the park, but it was the relentless exhaustion that hit Sabrina Skiles hardest.