With a plan! Follow these five steps to relief.

How Do You Get
Rid of a Migraine?


Step 1: Stop Migraines Before They Start

If you regularly get migraines, talk to your M.D. about preventive medications. They can greatly reduce the frequency of attacks (yet only 1 in 5 patients use them).

Step 2: Ask Your Doc for a Rescue Med

Even with preventives, migraines can still break through. And you’ll want to have your pain reliever at the ready so you can take it as soon as the agony begins.

Doctors do not recommend taking your meds while you’re experiencing the visual disturbances or physical sensations of aura. Instead, wait for the first sign of pain.

Side Note for People
With Aura

Over-the-counter drugs may work when pain isn’t severe. But many patients find more relief with prescription drugs, like triptans, ergot alkaloids, or CGRP blockers.

Step 3: Be Open to Trial and Error

These nifty machines can relieve pain at home when you can’t (or don’t want to) take meds. They all stimulate certain brain pathways to ease the ache.

Step 4: Consider Using a Neuromodulation Device

Once you’ve taken your meds or used your device, now is the time to rest. The pain should ease within a couple of hours, but you’ll feel wiped out for several more.

Step 5: Rest and Retreat


Migraines are monsters, but they can be managed with the right treatment plan. Check out our complete guide to learn more.